Getting down with the sickness.

The cough is almost gone, but I have depleted my essential oil supply. I have been spraying my much better smelling version of Lysol on every thing I touch. I've also been inhaling a mix of stuff to clear all of the crap left over in my chest. Plus, I've been adding them to my humidifier.

Usually I order from StarWest or Mountain Rose, but I found this site (Monterey Spice Co.) through my Mom and I'm going to give it a try. It's super cheap, which is nice when your using oil like water. Here's a couple of formulas for all of you out there trying not to get a cold or fighting one.


Pour blend into bottle, shake well and then add 5 drops to the boiling water (place in a stainless steel bowl), lean over bowl and place towel over head to inhale the oils. At first it feels harsh to inhale, but within a couple of deep breaths your all good.


Pour blend into spray bottle, shake well and then add purified water shake and spray on everything you own. You can also make a warming version of this with clove, ginger and cinnamon.