Baby Gift/Shower Ideas.

When I found out my friend Colleen was pregnant with her first baby I was so excited. I wanted to give her a congratulations gift. I bought a few white organic cotton body suits in a couple of sizes from Target and went over to dharma trading co. to pick out some bomb bright colors for the new arrival. I had so much fun stove top dying these and she loved the colors.

Then a few weeks ago Abby Low posted about Bobo Choses. I couldn't get these hand cut shapes out of my mind. I'm thinking of embarking on a dying/stamping variation for the next baby (sorry if this spoils anything for anyone). I think this would work really well at a baby shower too. And it sure beats the pants off puffy painting body suits for little ones.

1. Bobo Choses blue body suit (Inspiration)
2. Blanks from Dharma Trading Co.
3. Fiber Reactive Dyes
4. Fabric Paint

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