Inspiration happens.

I've been super sick this week. I stayed home from work on Monday because I had a fever and sore throat. I tried to tough it out the best I could through the week, but woke up this morning and I couldn't breathe. 

So, I was very happy to see this post by Joslyn this morning. I opened it over in a tab and I'm just now getting to it. I'm so grateful that this post lead me to this blog, which lead me to this amazing jewelry designer, which lead me to her two ( 1, 2 ) jewelry lines. 

This has made me miss my old life in the country so much. And it's funny because Kathryn lives in LA. I want open space back. I'm in love with her little studio and her artwork that she has all over her walls. 

Thank you.

P.S. If this makes no sense. Read first paragraph.

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