My New Roots.

My New Roots - How to Cook Quinoa from My New Roots on Vimeo.

After cutting back on carbs for over a year now I think I'm done. I am going to trust that my body knows what it wants. It's not like I have ever had a junk food problem. The closest I would come to that would be eating an entire fruit bowl full of fruit in one sitting.

I started gaining weight when I went back to school and wasn't running as much. It was innocent enough (5 pounds). Then I scored a studio job. Running took a further back seat. More weight, so I thought I could control it with my diet. Wrong. Man my body is stubborn. It's almost as obstinate as my mind is.

Anyway, I'm cooking up some Quinoa. I love it. Been enjoying it for years. When Josh started getting migraines I swapped couscous for quinoa. They translated perfectly.

I just found My New Roots and she just started a video series. Perfect inspiration to start a lovely day.

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