What I Want.

 I want a few things:

No. 1 - I want a new car. The truck is awesome in all of it's 1983 rusted glory. I love driving for free. I love that my friends can borrow it to move all their craigslist adventures. I love that people in their 80,000 dollar cars steer clear of me in my long bed. I also dig the fact that I can leave it unlocked, windows rolled down and pretty much no one bothers it. It's time to move on.

No. 2 - I want to move. I want a place that's a little bigger than the 800 square feet that I live in now. That's not under the flight path (the noise is crazy). I want it to have some yard space, hardwood floors, central air and heat, washer/dryer hook ups, two toilets, room for a jewelry studio space, parking and either room for my portable dishwasher or a dishwasher waiting. I don't want to be stressed out to pay my rent/mortgage. I want to be able to safely run. I want neighbors that I enjoy. Oh, and I want a hood over my gas stove. All that olive oil flying all over is a little gross.

I have some of this at the place that I now resided but I'm under the flight path and it's time to leave for my mental and physical health. I can't tell you how stressful it is to have your thoughts constantly interrupted by planes. Plus jet fuel dumping over your house is kind of a deal breaker.

No. 3 - I want to go on adventures. I used to go on adventures all the time. I haven't in quite some time. I miss it terribly. I'm ready and willing.

In order to make all these things I want to come into reality I'm willing to be grateful for what I have, work hard and accept the good.

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