Happy Independence Day Weekend.

I'm really excited for this weekend. I have a lot to do today, but it's all going to get done.

I spent yesterday in Los Angeles. What a great day. We went everywhere. At least that's what it felt like.

First Stop: Hennessey Ingalls Bookstore Don't go here if you don't have time. It's like the internet in book form.

Second: Gjelina and GTA The food was great. My sister and I shared a lovely beet salad and pizza. I also had a beer cocktail (pilsner, ginger syrup and lime).

Third: Every shop on Abbot Kinney. Went to some favorites like Tortoise General Store. I bought these that I pinned not so long ago. Can't wait to use them. On our way out I had the best coffee at GTA and a blueberry, mint, lemonade, ice tea from Lemonade.

Fourth: We stopped at the Beverly Center and walked over to Heath Ceramics. I collected some more Weck canning jars and we saw a great knobby glaze exhibit by Adam Silverman.

Finally: On the way home we stopped off at South Coast Plaza to go to Madewell. 

We really packed it in and I'll be recovering from all the sugar today. Glad I went for a run before we left.

image via: Faile

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