I have a list of thing that I have been meaning to post, but those will have to wait. I thought that I had shared my love for Marc Maron's WTF on my blog, but searching (yes, I have to use the search function on my own blog) I realized that I hadn't.

I have been listening to WTF since the beginning and I have learned a lot about myself through listening to comics and Marc process so many different common human themes. I think if you are new to WTF you should go back and look for some comics that you might be interested in listening to and then listen to some of his current interviews.

Two of his recent interviews were so good. This one with Norm MacDonald and this one with Author Steve Almond. Steve and Marc's conversation about music and life experience has had me thinking about own beautiful life experiences with music.

I would love to hear what you think. You can download WTF from iTunes for free or Listen on his website.

image via: wtf

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