I have been shopping in prep for a juice fast the past couple of days and I found myself on the phone to my Mom asking her about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen. She had to dig up something that she had grabbed from Whole Living magazine awhile back and it got me thinking...there must be an app for that. And there is. You can go and sign up at Environmental Working Group and download the app for your iphone or android or print out a card for your wallet. It's free.

I made some pretty good decisions without it, but it's good to know. Especially when non organic pineapple is 77ยข each at Spouts and organic is $4 a piece at Whole Foods.

Speaking of pricy fruit. I went to Speciality Produce this week and found some Yuzu, which had me very excited because it's tasty and I had been on the hunt for awhile. At over a dollar a piece I was still excited and picked up 7 or 8 of the suckers. Then I get them home an slice them open and they are packed with seeds. I got about a teaspoon of juice out of each of them. So I guess that has off set my win on the pineapple.

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