Making Me Happy in This Moment.

Jora inspired this post from her post yesterday. I often get all wound up inside and forget to take a minute. In fact I waste a ton of time and energy by staying in a tense physical and spiritual state more than I would care to admit. Here's to taking a moment to be in a state of bliss. Here's what makes me happy.

➊ breathe - I forget to take deep breathes all the time. This simple act can help me to refocus on happiness is seconds.

➋ go for a run - Running is like meditation in motion for me. I love yoga too, but running is easy for me to do. Less excuses.

➌ watercolor - I love to watercolor. Color studies are one of my favorites. I've been really into this technique lately.

➍ take a picture - Instagram helps me not feel so alone here in my office.

➎ light a candle - Lighting candles is one of my favorite acts. I like to set intentions every time I do it.

➏ drink some tea - I love tea and it warms my hands.

➐ turn on some music - Why do I forget about music? I love it. Been enjoying Lykke Li; Youth Novels.

➑ dance, dance, dance - I dance around the house all time. I miss embarrassing Brett with my spazzy dancing in the office.

➒ walk away from the computer - I have a love / hate thing going with it.

➓ read an article, a novel, just read off the screen - I love reading. I was under-employed in my early twenties and I spent weeks and weeks reading classics from the library. I miss that.

images: ebay ( I have a sweater simular to this and I call it my day robe. It always makes me smile ), roost ( I can't wait to cook from here when my fast is over. I love that she has grain free / gluten free recipes that look fantastic ).