Yesterday was a little all over the place. I started with a trip up to see a printer and that started a paper mystery that left me a little angry by 10am. I really had to catch myself. I haven't been that hot in quite awhile. I was just going to go into all the details, but decided to delete. It's not really important. What is important is how I reacted to it.

I will give myself a break considering I was yelled at by a defensive person that I was doing everything in my power not to put on the defensive. That calmness is what finally solved the issue and for that I am so grateful. I said a little affirmation, looked in my heart for some compassion for this person and reengaged. Time and compassion is all the issue needed. In that space it solved itself.

I went on a studio tour, met with the cable guy, went to lunch with Sean, saw a classmate in Trader Joe's that was in town from Wyoming (which was just amazing) that I haven't seen in 3 years, got a library card, made a roast and just chilled with Josh. Sometimes it's crazy to look back on a blip in time that we call a day and see all the places it's taken you in your heart and mind.

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