I had a fun weekend. I did a ton of stuff and yet felt completely present and enjoyed it all. Went to a yard sale a friend was having and totally scored some amazing stuff. Went out to see Little Hurricane at the Casbah with The Heavy Guilt and Hills Like Elephants. I had seen Little Hurricane before and they delivered yet again. The Heavy Guilt was a complete surprise. They were all awesome, but the percussionist stole the show if you ask me. That guy had some serious tricks up his sleeve. Plus a chunky necklace and a pick in his hair. Who isn't going to be entertained by that?

On Sunday I went to my first Fermenter's Club meeting. I'll do a post on what I learned. It was super fun and nerdy. I even went full nerd and bought a t-shirt. One of my good friends that I've known since I was ten had 4 hours to kill before flying back to Colorado and we went to a craft faire that my other friend had a booth at. Good times.

I also made 2 of the three recipes I shopped for from What Katie Ate and they were all so good. Another week with Josh migraine free! Life is good.

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