SOPA/PIPA are not dead.

Hi all. I wanted to let you know that Law of Attraction will be joining internet heavy weights like WikipediaReddit and BoingBoing, as well as many other sites, in tomorrow’s SOPA Strike. I will be blacked out, and therefore inaccessible, between the hours of 8AM and 8PM EST. If don't know about these two pieces of pending legislation, please take some time to educate yourself on the subject. The video below is a great introduction to what they encompass and how we—as creative people who use the internet—will be impacted if they pass. If you want to take action, take a minute to write to your local Congressperson and get your voice heard. If you would like to join the black out on your blog you can get the necessary code from right here.

*update* I've been having a tough time getting the code to work correctly with Blogger. If I figure it out I will share the info here. If not I will have to be happy with a nice 24 hour media fast.