Do you ever wake up half awake and have to write or draw? It happens to me a few times a year. A couple weeks back it came with such force and I went and pulled out my spiral bound notebook and wrote down:

Stop talking yourself out of your dreams. You are blessed beyond your fondest dreams. Follow your instincts and move out of your own way and all is coming.

Then I promptly lost it in my notebook until today. I must of needed to hear it again.

I keep having "Do your practice and all is coming" (Sri. K. Pattahi Jois) running through my head. I don't think this idea only applies to yoga. I think it applies to anything we feel passionate enough about that we want to master it. It takes practice and focus.

I know I have that in me, but it seems like sometimes the only thing I've mastered is avoidance. A good skill if you need it, but not exactly what I want to practice on a daily basis.

I get caught up everyday in the things that I think I should be doing. You know I should be getting x amount of vegetables, meditation, exercise, drawing time, work, jewelry made, web sites finished, house cleaned, those 3 businesses that you have been meaning to start....the list goes on and on. I go between being kind to myself when I don't live up to these expectations to running myself into the ground. I can only do what I can to live in the moment and go back to kindness, so this is what my strength in practice will be, I'm going to love myself a bit more each day.

image via: Sergey Shapiro