Gluten Free Drop Biscuit Sandwiches.

I've been meaning to post about these little biscuit sandwiches that I make Josh for lunch almost everyday. They change in flavor profile depending on the meat I use or the fermented veggies that go on it, but one constant is the drop biscuit recipe that I adapted from Roost. 

I love these biscuits they are good with savory style snacks and sweet. To assemble a Josh style treat, start with yogurt cream cheese (recipe below), mustard, meat (optional of course), fermented veggies of your choosing and chow down.

I sometimes mix up the almond flour to have about 1 cup of natural almond flour and 1.5 cups of blanched, but it's up to you. I buy my blanched almond flour from Honeyville. It's so much cheaper and it's a good product.

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