Banana, Honey and Paper Masks.

I first discovered paper masks from my sister in law. She is an esthetician and owns her own skincare line, Sybella. When she first started it she sent me some of her wonderful masks and these pills of paper. Only I thought the pills of paper were foot bath bombs. One day I put one in my sink with my feet in it only to freak out when it grew into a blob in the water.

Since that experience I have learned how to use them and love them. I use them with Sybella masks and masks I make myself. The paper mask makes it so that the mask never dries. I didn't know until Parker told me about it that you shouldn't allow masks to dry on your face. It dries your skin out and as we get older it's the last thing we want to happen. I think you will love the results. Plus when the mask heats up on your skin it doesn't drip everywhere, so you don't have to lay down. This revelation has made it easier for me to mask, so I do it more often. I'm going to share a new favorite that's super easy to make and very hydrating.

You can purchase paper masks from Sybella.


⓵ Take ¼ a banana and smash it with a fork in a bowl.

⓶ Add 1 T of raw honey.

⓷ Apply to face. Wet paper mask. I know I show a sink water above, but you might want to use some filtered water. Best not to have city water on your skin. Place paper mask over the top and go do something for 20 min or so.

⓸ Remove paper mask and wipe banana and honey from face. Rinse face and enjoy some soft skin.

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