DIY Let Your Heart Be Light Holiday Sign

Last Christmas I made this sign for my wall and I thought I would share a free downloadable cut out with you all so you could make it yourself. I loved it. It was hard to take it down. If you make it let me know.

- 7 pages printable 80# cardstock or equivalent
- Color Printer
- Gold Glitter ( I used a glitter that is both silver and gold )
- Scissors
- Clear tape
- Elmer's Glue
- Cheap Paint Brush
- Earthquake Putty
Download the sign here. It's on 7 pages, so that you can print it on a small printer.
➁ Print the PDF files (above) and cut around each one.
➂ Tape separated words together.
➃ Cover work surface, so that you don't get glitter and glue everywhere.
➄ Paint words with glue, sprinkle glitter over the top until coated.
➅ Set aside to dry.
➆ Adhere your holiday sign to the wall with putty. Adjust placement.
➇ Enjoy.

The finished sign will be about 23.125" x 20.5"

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