The Perfect Picnic or Anytime Menu

Ever since this article A Provence-Style Picnic to Take to the Park or the Beach Menu showed up in Bon Appétit's June issue there hasn't been longer than two weeks that have gone by without me making the chicken recipe. It's that good.

I've done variations on all the recipes except for the little apricot cakes, which I haven't made. I made it Jamaican, Moroccan, and Mexican. All of those flavor profiles work on this. I have grilled the chicken and roasted it depending on how hot it is outside. I almost always spatchcock my chicken or cut it up for grilling.

I highly recommend the marinated veggies. They are amazing and so satisfying. 

None of it is hard, but all of it is tasty.

Roast Provençal Chicken
Marinated Summer Vegetables
White Bean Tapenade
Little Apricot Cakes

image via: bon appétit

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