A Willingness to Fail.

I listened to this great podcast on WTF last week. I have all these notes on my chalkboard and the title to this post saved in blogger, so I thought it was about time that I write this blog post and erase the board.

Ben Sidran and Marc Maron together had some amazing insights. I think you should listen to it if you have the inclination. It was one of those conversations that I felt privileged to listen in on. I was almost glad that I couldn't chime in and get it off the rails because the words were things I needed to hear. Here's some of my takeaways:
Marc said that he never wants to take the gig. 
I can't agree with this inkling more. Every time an opportunity is presented the fear creeps in. What if I can't pull it off? Am I going to hate this? Dread. It was so refreshing to hear two creatives in fields that I'm not in (music and comedy) express this notion. It makes me feel normal. I very rarely let fear stop me from showing up, but knowing that it doesn't totally go away in some strange way gives it less power for me.
Ben was talking about how blowing on an instrument for hours and hours doesn't change the tube, but the player is transformed.
I love this so much. It touches me to see the beauty in any pursuit we decide to commit ourselves to. Anything we are willing to do in front of people, that we will let it all hang out, put perfectionism aside and be truly willing to fail because it's that important to us. It could be cooking, painting, parenting, marriage, camping... Any pursuit that makes us vulnerable has the ability to touch others and transform us.

I want to remember not to hide behind the technology, not to revise, to be comfortable with my mistakes and to pick up the mouse, spatula, pliers, sander, tent, josh's hand, a friends embrace, one more time and try it again.

There's more in there Judaism/Americanism, sex, drugs, jazz, but I don't want to spoil it.

image via: ben sidran

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