How I'm Using Essential Oils Right Now.

** Update
I got my new diffuser in today and I love it. It's quiet and I can use a lot less oil in it than my old one. I bought it through Puritan's Pride using Ebates. Have you used Ebates before? It's pretty awesome. All you do is sign up and search to see if the store you are about to make a purchase from uses Ebates. Then you click on the store and whatever you order you get cash back for. I've gotten a few checks from them. I forget to use it sometimes, but I'm glad I did it with this one because I saved 10% on my purchase and got 10% back from Ebates. It made the diffuser about $40, which isn't too shabby.

I've been using my essential oils a lot more lately. You know what? I've been loving it.

I have a library of oils that I have used for years. Pretty much you name it I've got it or just used it up. I even have the same issue with EOs as I do with my pantry I have certain oils that I always think I'm out of, but I'm not. The consequence being I have a ton of duplicates. Mostly ginger, thyme and sweet orange, but really who has enough ginger?

I pulled out my diffuser (this one is like mine) and have been mixing my own blends for whatever I think I need that day. Lately it's been a lot to restore balance such as:

Restless & Distracted: frankincense (3 drops), geranium (2 drops)
Concentration: rosemary (4 drops), clary sage (1 drop), peppermint (1 drop)
Forgetful: pine (3 drops), lemon (1 drop), rosemary (1 drop)

You can just increase for as long as you would like to have them going in your diffuser.

I just bought another diffuser on a suggestion from a friend (I really wanted this one. Isn't it pretty?). My old one is way dirty and hard to clean and the glass has some hairline fractures that aren't leaking yet, but will soon. Plus it's a little loud. I will let you know what I think of the new one.

Josh comes home everyday and comments on how nice the house smells. It's nice to have a distraction from the mess I've been creating around the house.

Also I made my own Thieves Blend:

40 drops clove bud oil
35 drops lemon oil
20 drops cinnamon oil
15 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops rosemary oil
10 – 20 drops total other oils of choice, including tea tree or lavender (optional)

1. Add oils, one by one, to your container of choice. (I used an 1 oz. amber bottle with a dropper)

2. I used sweet almond as a carrier oil to dilute it a bit so that I could apply it to my skin. These are strong oils, so make sure to dilute before using directly on your skin.

I use it on my feet ( I was recently reminded to do that by Jessica before she was boarding a plane ). I sometimes just rub it on my gums or my hands. It's supposed to be good for immunity.

I love to add oils to light bulbs, just inhale from a tissue, put it in my laundry, put it in my hand soap, use it in my diy deodorant, make candles with it... the list goes on. In fact I was just reading about how to make your own solar still. We will see how far I will take it.

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