A Quick Cacao Drink + What I'm Looking Through.

I'm loving the end of this Spring and can't wait for the Solstice. My sister in law is getting married on the Solstice in LA. I'm looking forward to seeing her marry a great man. Plus it's going to be great to see and hang out with family.

Those stacks of books up there have been making me happy. Remodelista does not disappoint and if you know me don't be surprised if you receive a Plant Recipe as a gift in the future. I'm doing the flowers for the wedding, so I've been looking for some inspiration and The Flower Recipe Book does not disappoint. Although if I had to choose I think I would buy The Plant Recipe Book over the flower.

There's this raw cacao drink that I sometimes pick up at Whole Foods or Jimbo's, but it's pricy, so today when I needed a Monday pick me up I concocted my own.

Cacao Mint Drink

1 ½ - 2 ½ T Cacao powder (approx 1.5 T)
3 - 5 drops of Sweet Leaf vanilla stevia (only kind I like)
3 -5 drops of Peppermint Spirits or Muddled Mint leaf
14 oz filtered water and or coconut milk

I heated the water and added it to the cacao powder and just stirred it together. Then added the stevia and peppermint to taste. It was really good. Had it not been a fasting day (I've been meaning to post on this) I would have added coconut milk or almond milk.

This drink is super energizing and a great alternative to coffee.

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