Legs or waist.

O.K., I don't have the legs or the waist of Emerson, but we share some aesthetic values. I love so many things from her EmersonMade apparel collection.

I have a problem though. I see things I love. Classic, timeless beautiful things, but I want them all now. I'm terrible at building a wardrobe. I will look and load my cart, but I'm paralyzed with fear when I have to make a choice on what is going to be purchased and what is going on a waiting list.

Plus there's the fact that it was 98 degrees today in November. It makes it hard to budget for the fall when you could just shop sales and wear the clothes 90% of the year.

images via: EmersonMade. Top to bottom picks 1, 2 (could not leave the chicken out. see here.), 3, 4.

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