15 Days to Reboot.

Blake you have inspired me to write with your question. I had planned on writing about our juice fast, but knowing me I would have made it really hard to do (must make video of me juicing, pictures from the market, etc). Instead I'm just going to tell you what we are doing and why. Hopefully that will be OK.

Josh and I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about a month ago. During the course of the film Joe Cross goes on a 60 day juice fast to lose weight and heal himself from an autoimmune disorder all while traveling across the United States. One of the people Joe meets gets migraines and she does a 10 day fast in which she comes out the other end not getting migraines. Here's a little back story...

Josh has been getting migraines for the last 12 years or so. They started out being about 3-4 times a year, then they progressed to monthly, then biweekly. Now he gets one every week. Like clockwork.

We have tried almost everything. He has been scanned from head to toe, blood and urine tests. Acupuncture. He's taken herbs, B vitamins and tintures. No wine, no chocolate, no gluten, no salty snacks, no aged cheese, stress triggers and the list goes on. I will have to say that he hasn't been as good on the stress management side as on other things, but it doesn't seem to matter and I can't blame him considering he has a huge headache waiting for him every week. That would put me over the edge.

Josh said he wanted to try a juice fast. I jumped on board fast because he is very resistant to change and it was his idea.

RESEARCHED JUICERS: I owned a Champion for years and it was a bitch to clean, so I wanted something that was easy to clean and squeezed the maximum amount of juice from my expensive organic fruits and veggies. I landed on this Breville juicer. I love it. I keep telling anyone who wants to listen how cool it is.

PLANNED MENU: We are doing the Reboot Standard Program, with some recipe modifications, because he will not eat orange food. I've tried. It's not a OCD thing, he just happens to have a problem with most orange fruit or veggies.

The Standard Program is 5 days only veggies and fruit with juices, 5 days juice only, 5 days only veggies and fruit. I'm also using some of the Pressed Juicery's juices as jumping off points. So far the pineapple, green apple and mint is a hit.

GATHERED: See this post.

What we see happening is that Josh breaks his cycle of weekly migraines and move on to more meaningful healing and less drugs. I would also like to get some allergy relief, which if today is any indication, I think I just might. I'll keep you posted.